Brow Tinting

Tired of filling in your eyebrows everyday? Then brow tinting might just be for you. It’s a semi-permanent option that gives you a longer-lasting look, without the need of expensive microblading. Quick, easy and totally affordable – eyebrow tinting is a win, win situation.




You may book your appointments online, through the MindBody app, or by phone. If you are booking a wax and want to come in within one day or less, please call 360-631-5782.

The Benefits of Waxing for Hair Removal

It is quick and makes for smooth skin for a longer period of time

Over time, hair grows back finer and less dense

Brow Maintenance $20

Brow Shaping $28

Upper Lip $15

Chin $20

Nose $20

Full Face $60

Nape of Neck $23

Underarm $28

Arm $20