Make your spa experience extra special and soothing. Purchase your add-ons when booking your appointment. These treatments are only available in addition to a regular appointment such as a massage or a facial.

Hand and Foot Treatment Add-on (offered with both facial and massage)

Like a facial for your hands and feet, reveal clear, bright skin with a moisture rich organic mask. Enjoy hot compresses, a massage, herbal tonic mist and an antioxidant finishing cream for ultra softness. Offered with a full facial or massage.

$30 (15 min)

Hungarian Facial Massage Add-on (offered with massage)

Bring freshness to your face! Hungarian facial massage delivers a workout for the skin, a massage and a treatment all rolled into one. Smooth out wrinkles, lift and sculpt the muscles of the face keeping the skin firm and youthful.

$25 (15 min)

Ayurvedic Head Massage (offered with both facial and massage)

Enjoy a relaxing head massage, reducing stress from your long day.  Relieve chronic neck stiffness, headaches, and problematic knots in the shoulders. Ayurvedic head massage also helps spread the natural oils of the hair, increasing hair lustre and vibrancy, while replenishing and rejuvenating dry or damaged hair, protecting it against harmful effects of sun and harsh weather. It helps increase blood supply to the scalp, increasing the supply of nutrients received by the hair follicles and reducing hair loss and drying of hair.  It is divine!

$25 (15 min)

Cupping* Add-on (offered with massage)

Cupping therapy consists of placing cups on the body and then forming a vacuum using suction.This type of treatment is, in fact, a significantly powerful type of acupuncture or acupressure that treats ailments that range from muscular spasms to cold symptoms.  Apart from that, cupping therapy has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Reap the benefits of this ancient therapy.

$25 (15 min)

* Discoloration of the tissue under the skin is likely.  This is not a bruise.  With cupping, the old debris that has been trapped in the tissue is released.  The suction (or negative pressure) pulls the debris to just under the skin.  Depending on how much debris is pulled up, it may take minutes to a week or two for your body to filter this debris out.

Dry Brushing Add-on (offered with massage)

Enjoy a full body dry brushing treatment known to exfoliate the skin, stimulate the lymphatic system, decrease the appearance of cellulite and increase circulation. Followed by scented hot towels.

$25 (15 min)